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How to Keep Your Data Safe on the Internet

We are using internet on a massive scale nowadays. Most of our daily activities are connected to internet. But are we safe on Internet? We are sharing personal and professional information on the internet. That makes us vulnerable to hacking attacks and data breach. This article will help you to keep your data safe on the internet.

As compared to previous a decade or two, our internet scenery has entirely transformed over the past couple of years. Not only fast internet became cheaper but also smart phones and laptops.

Everybody and everything is connected to each other via Internet. Apps and games on smart phone devices demands sensitive information to proceed further. Lots of devices connected to internet putting large numbers of data online,  which is  a risky place because of data hacking and virus threats.

Tips to help you stay safe on the internet

  • Keep Strong Passwords
  • Change your password often
  • Login Notification on Sign-ups
  • Use 2 Factor Authentications or 2FA
  • Avoid using internet from public Wi-Fi
  • Avoid clicking on random emails
  • To browse anonymously use VPN
  • Use ad blockers and trackers
  • Use firewall and antivirus

In the end, if you have installed antivirus software on your computer then don’t forget to update it.

Install latest security patches each time new version comes up. SoHealth Fitness Articles, you can keep your laptop or computer in safety and security.