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Will you back up my Website?

We provide comprehensive IT services, back-up is one of the services part of our Managed IT service.

What is an antivirus?

Antivirus is a software / a type of computer program which acts as a protection and safeguard against harmful computer viruses. With active protection like Quick Heal, the program can detect incoming harmful transmissions and help to nullify or block them before they reach the computer’s core systems.

What is a virus signature?

Antivirus software runs on a database of virus signatures, which help to connect lines of code with individual viruses.Through research, antivirus software providers assign every virus they discover with its own individual signature. This signature is then transmitted to the antivirus software on customer’s computers – which allows that software to examine the system for this particular signature and eliminate the associated virus. Keeping the signature database updated is imperative to staying protected as new viruses are released on a daily basis and keeping current with the dangerous market is a full-time job!

What is a computer virus?

Computer virus is a software / a computer program, designed to cause harm, damage and irritation to computer users, virus can perform tasks as arbitrary as opening unwanted programs and as dangerous as stealing personal information and data. They are a long-standing threat to computer systems around the world. Viruses are often developed to replicate themselves and be difficult to track down and delete, which is where Antivirus Software like Quick Heal comes to remedy the situation.

How much does Quick Heal Cost?

It depends on which Quick Heal product you after. Quick Heal is a multi-award winner and a non-intrusive product. Please give us a call and we are happy to provide you a quote based on your requirements.

How much does it cost to make a Website?

It really depends on what you after and what is involved. As you can appreciate your website can be unique and it’s development can vary in size based on your requirement. We are very happy to discuss your requirement and our pricing, please give us a call and we will take from there. We know that you will find our prices one of the most competitive around.

How can I receive a free 30 day trial of Quick Heal

We are only happy to provide you the links to a free 30 day trial to your desired Quick Heal product. Please give us a call.

Do Apple computers and Macs need antivirus software?

Absolutely, there is a common misconception that Apple products are immune to computer viruses. Whilst their operating system may be less susceptible to viruses, it is certainly not invincible and there have been multiple viruses released specifically to target OS devices.

Can you help migrate old Website?

Yes, we certainly can help migrating your old website to new, please forward us your requirement and will take it from there.

Can my business email be integrated with Gmail?

Yes it can. We can also help you set-up your work email with Gmail – if you already don’t have one.